Diary of a Madman

Darkness In My Veins

16 August 1985
Connecticut, United States
Interests: (93)
a-team, ada wong, alan moore, antigonish, assemblage 23, band of brothers, batman, billy idol, bravery, caine, chito-ryu, creatures of the night, daggers, dead can dance, depeche mode, dit da jow, dr hannibal lecter, ego likeness, egypt, england, erevis cale, fantasy, fencing, fiddles, fog, fuel, garbage, gargoyles, ginny weasley, hannibal smith, hapkido, harry potter, honour, hungry lucy, hunters, hunting, improvised weapons, industrial music, ireland, john/cameron, johnny cash, jujitsu, kali, karate, knife fighting, knives, kwai chang caine, love, matthew good, matthew good band, matthew woodring stover, music, mystery, natalie macmaster, neil gaiman, nova scotia, peter gabriel, poems, predator, queensryche, rain, resident evil 4, romance, scotland, shirley manson, silat, silence, sneaker pimps, snow, sparring, springsteen, sting, storms, swords, swordsmanship, synthpop, taekwondo, tea, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the celts, the sandman, thrown weapons, thunder, tim bradstreet, tori amos, tracking, vergere, vnv nation, wales, werewolves, working out, writing, zheng gu shui
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